Sunday 9 November 2008

Too ill to blog

I'd hoped to blog a bit more today on the Glenrothes situation but have come down with a horrible cold - could it have been something I caught in Kinglassie on Thursday? When I'm up and about I'll be back on with my latest thoughts on what's been happening. Til then here are three interesting things about our weekend .....................

We have not listened to Kingdom FM.

We have been cheered by the sight of thick black clouds scudding over the river to Fife.

We've been wondering how long it would take to reintroduce tolls on the Forth and Tay Bridges.

1 comment:

The Wheeling Whaup said...

Sorry to see you are under the weather.

Just wondering what you think about the Lloyds TSB meeting today and the Darling 'conditions' which amount to a lot of interference.

Incidentally, as very small HBOS shareholders we have had NO info at all on this 'offer'. We've gleaned more from the keep HBOS Independent website!
Makes it even more whiffy than it was.